Genesis is the first physical block tokenized on Etherblox ETHBLX.

Inspired by how mining works in Bitcoin and Ethereum, the Genesis is sculpted as though an ether is mined out of a block.

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This soapstone mythical green accent comes to life when light falls onto its surface. The block's unpolished texture feels as if it has been found in the depths of a mysterious ocean floor from the Etherverse.

The black box gives praise to the first few seconds of a piano composition by Claude Debussy. Most of the notes consist of sharp and flat keys, which can be heard in the Genesis block's non-fungible token.

The block

The type of rock used to create the Genesis block is called soapstone, a metamorphic rock. According to some sources, the stone is used for carving for thousands of years.

Type of rock:
Mythical green
~ 4 kg
~ 22 cm
~ 9 cm
~ 25 cm

The box & foam protection

The coat has a shape cut in the middle in the form of the Genesis block. Softer foam is wrapped around the block and inserted inside the coat.

~40 cm
~30 cm
~20 cm

The protection inside the box is split in two parts,

* the coat— hard foam on the outside, and

* the core— soft foam inside the coat.

About Etherblox

Etherblox are physical sculptures tokenized as non-fungible tokens on the ethereum network. Each sculpture has its own digital counterpart that is minted under the erc-721 ticker ETHBLX.

The owner of an ETHBLX can claim its physical counterpart. Please contact us via one of our media to claim.

How to contact etherblox?

The best and fastest way to contact us is through Telegram, join us here.

You can also find us on twitter, instagram and medium.

How to deal with shipping?

We will ship the product through Parcelparcel. The shipping expense has to be paid upfront by the buyer before we ship.

As soon as you’ve purchased the non-fungible token through us, please contact us via one of our contact sources so we can discuss the shipping & handling in more detail.

Where is the token minted?

The token is minted as an erc-721 on the ethereum network as Etherblox (ETHBLX). The token address is 0x258B049d264f4E05F2Cb4618A06Bc8c855b046f7